Get Involved!

Palm Lake Elementary PTA is looking for help! Please consider joining us!

  • Signing up to help does not mean spending an exorbitant amount of time, just that you are willing to give whatever time you can or want. Any time whatsoever is crucial, and goes a long way. Whether you help organize an event or simply help out on the day, you can utilize your special skills and hobbies, and help Palm Lake become a better place!
  • Membership forms are available in the cafeteria during Meet the Teacher, in the front office during the school year, or just email us at to join. You can also click here to sign up!
  • PTA meetings typically occur at least once a month, sometimes in-person, and sometimes virtually. By attending, you will be in the know on what is happening at the school, and have input on decisions. Please follow us on Facebook at to stay up to date.
  • ¬†Does your employer match charitable gifts? Many companies not only encourage their employees to give to and volunteer time to nonprofits in their communities, but they are also willing to match those efforts with employee matching gifts. Guidelines and amounts vary with each company. Check with your employer for more information. ¬†
  • If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, including helping in the classroom, you must complete the Orange County Additions Volunteer information using the link below. It is also required for any visit to the school in any capacity, including eating lunch with your child.

    To complete or update ADDitions information, click here