5th Grade Graduation 2021/2022

Dear Parents,

Find attached the forms to be completed for the Memory Book dedication and other important information. This information was also sent home in a packet with your child (forms also below). Please send in forms by April 9, 2021. No dedications will be taken on the website, do not enter them in comments; they won’t be seen.

Please remember to return at least the first dedication by April 9, 2021.

Thank you!

Queridos padres de familia,

Adjunto los formularios que se deben completar para las dedicaciones del Libro de Memoria.  Si va a imprimir el documento para llevarlo a la escuela, utilice el Formulario de Dedicación para imprimir pdf.  Si decide enviar por correo electrónico el formulario, abra el que se titula Nuevo Formulario de Dedicación. Hemos incluido instrucciones con un par de opciones diferentes para entregarlos y también para comprar dedicatorias adicionales.

Por favor, recuerde enviar al menos la primera dedicación para el 4/9/2021  ya que la primera dedicación sin costo para usted.


5th Grade Forms

5th Grade Graduation Letter

5th Grade Memory Book Dedication

Parent T-Shirt Form

5th Grade Volunteer Donation

5th Grade Call for Artist

Memory Book Dedications

One of our Palm Lake traditions is to send every 5th grader off with a book to commemorate their last year of Elementary school. Let your child know how proud you are of their accomplishments with a personal dedication in the 2020-2021  5th Grade Memory Book!

New Dedication Due Date: April 9, 2021. Due to printing deadlines, dedications will NOT be accepted after April 9, 2021.

Please do not enter dedications in the website general comments section. Dedications entered into the comments section of the website will not be seen.

Due to space constraints, each dedication is limited to 40 words. If any more is necessary, please purchase another dedication.

See Below for Samples for Dedications. Feel Free to Create Your Own Personal Message.

*No student to student dedications, unless it’s a sibling. Children will have the opportunity to sign each other’s memory books that day.

*Student to Teacher:
Mrs. Rowley, you’re a great teacher, even if you’re a Gator!From your favorite Seminole, Carla

*Parent to 5th Grader: Mark, we have watched you grow into an amazing young man!We Love You!Mom and Dad

*Family Members to 5th Grader: Mark, I am proud of all of your accomplishments!I know you will excel in middle school.

Love, Grandpa

*5th Grader to Sibling:

Anna, I dedicate all of my teachers to you! Good luck

in 4th and 5th Grade!

Love, Mark

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